From left to right:
♥Angelic Pretty-Day Dream Carnival Tights
♥Angelic Pretty-Doll’s Tea Party Tights
♥Angelic Pretty-Holy Lantern Tights
♥Angelic Pretty-Lace Up Ribbon Tights
♥Angelic Pretty-British Bear Tights x2
♥Angelic Pretty-Melty Royal Chocolate Tights
♥Angelic Pretty-Cameo Window Tights

From left to right:
♥Alice and the Pirates-Diamond OTKs
♥Enchantlic Enchantilly-Antique Frame OTKs
♥Angelic Pretty-Melty Ribbon Chocolate OTKs
♥Alice and the Pirates-Round’n’Round Bandage see-through OTKs
♥Innocent World-Rozen Maiden Climbing Rose OTKs

From left to right:
♥Innocent World-British Cutlery Tights
♥Abilletage-??? Tights
♥VioletFane-Ivy Tights
♥Dolls Party-Newspaper Doll Tights
♥Taobao Tights

From left to right:
♥Moi même Moitié-Silent Moon OTKs
♥Moi même Moitié-Ribbon Lace-up OTKs
♥Moi même Moitié-Altar OTKs

♥Metamorphose Temps de Fille-Russell Lace OTKs x2

From left to right:
♥Baby the Stars Shine Bright-School High Socks x2
♥Baby the Stars Shine Bright-Usakumya lace ankle length socks

From left to right:
♥Angelic Pretty-Lovely lace-up tights
♥Angelic Pretty-Day Dream Bed tights
♥VioletFane-Otome Nostalgia tights

From left to right:
♥Angelic Pretty-Holy Rosary Tights