♱Name: Unnamed
♱Maker: Amanitarium

I had previously bought a necklace from Amanitarium and I fell in love with their handmade toys soon after recieving the necklace. This one is actually a commission I had asked them to make and I love him dearly! ♥       

♱Name: Unnamed
♱Maker: Amanitarium

*Image shown is stock image*
Oh little clown bun we have not met yet but I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you.♥

♱Name: Gizmo or Giz
♱Maker: Workshop Anna Shults  

Gremlins is one of my favorite movies to watch around the holiday season and in 2019 my spouse suprised me with my very own Mogwai on Chirstmas! ♥

♱Name: Franklin (Franky)
♱Maker: Curious Little Market  

I don’t have much to say about this guy but since he’s so massive he’s the best to cuddle for sure! ♥

Thank you for checking out another collections page! I collect a lot of different dolls and toys but for this page I wanted to primary focus on small businesses and handmade dolls! I find them very unique and charming, if you see any cute handmade small designers please let me know! I love to see what’s out there! ♥